LoadingPkgIn the heart of the Middle East, lies one of the worlds busiest air cargo and logistics hubs in the world serving the more than two billion people throughout the Middle East, Indian Sub-continent, Africa and the CIS, all within three-to-four hours flying time from Dubai.

Today the Dubai Air Cargo industry is the 11th busiest in the world and is due to grow with the full completion of a new, massive airport, Al Maktoum International Airport which will triple the volume of the current leading air cargo hub. Currently, Air Cargo in Dubai is serviced through Dubai International Airport, part of Dubai Cargo Village, which has recently expanded to accommodate more air freight including the new jumbo carrier the Airbus A380 and is home to Dubai’s own Emirates Sky Cargo.

This website was developed to assist individuals and organizations concerned with shipping items via air to, from or through Dubai. We also plan for it to be a resource for those working in Dubai’s Air Cargo industry.